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Better application framework for LLM era.

Better Abstractions

Moving beyond MVC, Interaqt embraces entities, interactions, and activities for an intuitive business logic alignment. This simplifies database design, permissions, and data management, cutting down 80% of non-essential technicalities for developers.
Interaqt's principles reflect natural language, enabling immediate use of ChatGPT for business logic description without extra training. Quickly create a fully operational system with Interaqt's streamlined process. Checkout the video or tutorial to see how it works.

Reactivity In Backend

Interaqt transforms backend development with reactive programming, prioritizing data definition over manipulation. Its approach to reactive data ensures efficient incremental calculations and peak performance in all scenarios.

Automatic Architecture Design

Performance and cost considerations are distinct from business logic in Interaqt's design. It specializes in automated architecture, dynamically adapting to user and data expansion.

Multiple language support

Interaqt's abstraction transcends specific programming languages. The NodeJS iteration of Interaqt is now available for use. Anticipate the launch of its Go, Python, and Java versions in the summer of 2024!

Support Us

We invite you to subscribe to our release event or star our project on GitHub. Your valuable feedback will help us launch even faster!